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What Can the CRC Do For Your Business?

Business Interviews
Staff Interviews
  • Identify the most qualified applicants
  • Reduce turnover
  • Improve productivity, quality and customer service
  • Help ensure a return-on-investment for your training dollars
  • Provide an objective, legally valid and reliable skills assessment for hiring decisions
  • Provide your employees with an effective workplace development program

The Career Readiness Certificate and its foundational WorkKeys® system provide the employer a complete solution for applicant screening, employee selection, and skills development. The certificate will inform the hiring authority of a candidate’s current skills and the likelihood of job-related training being fully successful. GED certificates, high school diplomas and even some college degrees cannot really “certify” that an individual has a certain workplace skill set. A CRC guarantees that the individual can demonstrate the level of skills documented.

During the recruiting and screening process, the CRC allows the employer to evaluate the skills offered by the candidates against the skills required for success in the position. The requirement for the CRC will eliminate a large portion of poorly qualified and unmotivated individuals while quantifying the skill sets of those who do apply with the CRC as a part of their applications. While some applicants can present excellent resumes and applications (often, with the assistance of others,) the CRC cannot be artificially enhanced or earned. If the individual has the certificate, he or she has the skills. Save time for your recruiting team by eliminating interviews with individuals having weak skill sets.

The CRC helps hiring authorities take the guesswork out of selection by quantifying the skill sets of candidates for comparison to other candidates and to the benchmarks based on occupational requirements.

For your incumbent employees and recruits, the CRC provides the baseline for training and development. With the CRC you possess individualized, objective, and quantified information that allows you to identify opportunities for training exactly where it will be beneficial to the company and the individual. That good employee who has trouble in certain aspects of the position can strengthen his or her skill set and become even more productive and content in the job. Likewise, you will know if an employee does not need training in an area. You can develop a precise, individualized succession planning program that ensures that the good employee with potential for promotion or transfer can obtain any skill set that might be required in the new position.

CRC assessment results can be turned-around rapidly, usually within one business day, with arrangements, results can be within hours.

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